Rubber Form
Production of rubber forms without shrinkage

Wax Production and working
Shrinkage by wax shooting- helpful hints.
Filing and tool introduction
Sawing with tool introduction
Drilling with tool introduction
Wax build up with newest techniques
Modeling from wax blocks

Casting with precious stones.
Setting in prongs, pavé setting and invisible. Fast setting up to 100 stones per hour.

For these themes students are required to bring practice material (wax models etc.) also problem cases, all students are given their own workbench. During the seminar enough time is given to practice what is learnt.



Preparation for Casting
Shrink holes by casting
(Build up, Sprue´s, feeder line, shrink hole paste)

Tree build up
(for the different casting methods, spin, vacuum and pressure)

The wax pieces produced in the morning will be treed up and invested in the afternoon. Particularly difficult pieces can be brought along and built up so that all aspects of casting can be seen.

Finish around 18,00


Flask temperature
Diverse temp differences and there effects.
Casting temperature

Casting Alloys and their effects of crystallization.
New scientific results are discussed
Gas porosity in casting
Examination of gas effects in fluid alloys
Analysis of alloy on the surface.
The prepared trees will be invested, cast and then the results discussed. Workshop Problems encountered can be discussed during this time.


Open question time and open end.